About Beta Charitable Trust

Beta Charitable Trust has worked passionately in some of the most destitute and deprived areas of the world to provide basic human rights to the poorest of individuals. We believe that clean water, sanitation, food, medical care and education are the fundamental rights of every human being.

With the continued support of our generous and dedicated donors and supporters we have managed to widen the areas we work in and are changing the lives of more people than ever before.

The charity is founded upon on three principal objectives:

  1. Advancing education
  2. Preserving health
  3. Relieving poverty, distress and sickness

Projects are carried out on both a national and an international level with the majority of our work taking place in the UK, Africa. Asia and the Middle East.

We are committed to supporting short term relief & disaster projects as well as long term humanitarian alleviation projects regardless of race, nationality, geography, creed and colour.

Zero Administration Charge Policy

Beta Charitable Trust runs with a zero administration charge policy. Our supporters donate confident that every precious penny is utilised solely for the project it was intended.

How your donations have helped

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