Rota Sludge Tube Well installed in Kibaha

Rota Sludge Tube Well installed in Kibaha - Beta Charitable Trust
Every 20 seconds, a child dies as a result of poor sanitation, the provision of improved sanitation and safe drinking water could reduce diarrhoeal diseases by nearly 90%.

As part of one of our partners new water projects in Tanzania, Beta Charitable Trust has sponsored the installation of a new type of well in Kibaha. Rota sludge is a new technique of well drilling. It goes more deep than shallow wells. 

We have recently started this new type of well drilling with the help of one of our partners and their ‘give water to the thirsty’ project. The results are amazing. 

The first one was dug in Waliul Asr Education Centre, Kibaha where it is being used by the students and staff, a great benefit to them.

With thanks to WIPAHS for their continued hard work in Tanzania.