The Problem

30 million children within Africa do not go to school. Statistical data tells us that poor girls from rural areas are most likely to be excluded from education for many reasons; inc. child labour, parenting and disabilities. For those that do go to school, their experiences vary.  Classrooms are inevitable always overcrowded.  For example, in the Central African Republic an average class size could hold anything up to 84 pupils in one classroom¹.

Apart from the unaffordable cost of school fees (education isn’t free) there are the other hidden attached costs such as transportation, books, uniforms and school supplies. Besides which, a child in school is one less wage earner.

How You Can Help?

Beta Charitable Trust works to fund the student’s education including  their educational equipment and helping with the needs of  their families to ensure that children stay in education to further their future potential.

¹UNESCO Institute for statistics, 2013

"A child without education is like a bird without wings."