Let’s Talk about Yemen. It’s currently the world’s worst humanitarian disaster, and yet the world is completely silent! 


The past four years of intense conflict between Government forces and Houthi rebels have left tens of thousands dead or injured including at least 17,700 civilians. An estimated 3.3 million people remain displaced, up from 2.2 million last year, including 685,000 people who fled fighting in Hudaydah (UN, 2019).

In a recent report released in February 2019, the UN has aslo estimated that 24 million people, which constitutes almost 80% of the population, are in need of assistance and protection in Yemen.

According to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) the “severity of needs is deepening”, with the number of people in acute need, a staggering 27 per cent higher than last year, when it was already the most acute crisis on the globe. The escalation of the conflict since March 2015 has dramatically aggravated the protection crisis in which millions face risks to their safety and basic rights.


The world has forgotten Yemen.

BCT is continuing to support Yemen and we have pledged $84,000 per year in offering emergency relief through our Beta Baby Milk and Cholera Vaccine appeals, food aid and also, with winter just around the corner, our Winter Blanket Appeal.



The ‘2019 Humanitarian Needs Overview For Yemen report’ shows that 14.3 million people are classified as being in acute need, with around 3.2 million requiring treatment for acute malnutrition; that includes two million children under-five, and more than one million pregnant and lactating women.


Milk Powder Costs:

  • 400g feeds a child for one week: $3.60
  • 900g feeds a child for two weeks or two children for a single week: $7.40
  • 2.5kg feeds a child for six weeks or six children for a week: $16




The UN agency data shows that a total of 17.8 million people lack access to safe water and sanitation, and 19.7 million lack access to adequate healthcare. Poor sanitation and waterborne diseases including cholera, left hundreds of thousands of people ill last year.

BCT’s Yemen Cholera Appeal has already helped vaccinate a portion of the close to a million affected Yemeni people, the majority of whom are children. The Cholera outbreak has been described as the largest and fastest spreading in modern history, after WHO reported in October; 815,000 suspected cases and 2,156 deaths in Yemen.

Each Vaccine costs just £8 ($10) 




With little food and shelter, the families across Yemen will now be at the mercy of Mother Nature. The cold winter months are rolling in, bringing temperatures crashing down from 23° to just above freezing at 1°

We now ask your help again to supply thick life saving blankets to help the mothers and fathers of Yemen’s 11.3 million children who cannot survive without humanitarian assistance.

Each blanket costs $23 (£16.60); black market price for everyone including Charities.

To donate towards any of these Yemen Appeals, please use this link and specify which project your donation is for.

A huge thank you to all our supporters and donors! Every small amount is going a long way in preserving life and providing aid to those in desperate need.