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The UN has declared that three quarters of Yemen’s 29 million people are at high risk of starvation or relying on humanitarian aid to survive; 8.4 million people are at risk of famine (up from 6.8 million last year-UN humanitarian affairs office, OCHA).

Malnutrition has caused misery.

The WHO have warned of a looming Diphtheria outbreak which has already killed dozens of people, and is “spreading quickly” with 678 cases and 48 associated deaths in just four months.

BCT’s Yemen Cholera Appeal has already helped vaccinate a portion of the close to a million affected Yemeni people, the majority of whom are children. The Cholera outbreak has been described as the largest and fastest spreading in modern history, after WHO reported in October; 815,000 suspected cases and 2,156 deaths in Yemen.

The war has put millions of Yemeni lives at risk, deepening the current humanitarian crisis by repeatedly attacking populated areas and, crucially, blockading the ports since 2017. The blockade has stopped seaports handling goods & supplies vital to the survival of the civilian population, destroyed essential infrastructure, closed critical ports and restricted access to humanitarian aid workers.

Fuel shortages have meant water stations are almost inoperable and access to safe water & sanitation is dire.

With little food and shelter, the families across Yemen will now be at the mercy of Mother Nature. The cold winter months are rolling in, bringing temperatures crashing down from 23° to just above freezing at 1°

We now ask your help again to supply thick life saving blankets to help the mothers and fathers of Yemen’s 11.3 million children who cannot survive without humanitarian assistance.

Each blanket costs $23 (£16.60); Black Market price for everyone including Charities.

To aid in tackling the threatening conditions overwhelming the medical services and supplies on the ground, we ask for your kindness in donations to fund medicine provisions which, though available, have become unaffordable.


This medicine will help battle the ominous rise in victims of diphtheria, cholera and acute diarrhoea.

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"O wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?"
Percy Bysshe Shelley