Having no Shelter to call home puts thousands of individuals and families into dangerous often life threatening situations.

Our Warmth and Shelter Campaign aims to provide short term and long term assistance to help people who encounter homelessness and whose lives are at risk due to the severity of harsh weather.

Case Study

Juma Ramadhani Mniko is a blind person who lost his eye sight due to a brain tumour surgery 6 years ago.  He was the sole breadwinner for a family of 9 dependents; a wife and 8 children.

During heavy rainfall and winds, their house roof was damaged very badly and rain water now  pours  into their home .

The family was surviving on charity handouts from people and a meagre sporadic income generated by his wife.

Five of his children were at primary school and being supported by our partner organisation on the ground.

BCT was approached and through our Warmth and Shelter Campaign, work began in earnest to help the family of 10.

  • The roof needed to be repaired urgently
  • The toilets needed to be roofed and decent privacy doors needed installing urgently to protect the dignity and self respect of the family.

Beta Charitable Trust funded the above project in full for the family.

How You Can Help?

£880 builds a house for those with no shelter at all. Any contribution will help people in need of warmth and shelter.

"To ease another's heartache is to forget ones own"
Abraham Lincoln