Above photo of Dasht e Barchi Hospital: geo.tv

The devastating news of another cowardly terrorist attack in Kabul was broadcast on the 13th May 2020.

21 new born babies lost their mothers as brutal killers stormed the Maternity Wing of Darsht-e-Barchi Hospital; Dr’s, Nurses and new born babies also lost their lives in this pitiless attack.

Our Ground Team in Afghanistan, Comfort Aid International, are determined to help these victims against all odds.

We are raising funds to support these 21 babies for the next few years as they face life without the loving touch of a mother.

Baby Milk and Medical Care for these 21; every penny counts towards the aim of $21,000

To donate, please click here and quote KABUL Hospital Victims in the description. 









Jameela survives a bullet wound, but mourns the death of her grandson amd neice both ages just 7 years old who were shot dead at the Hospital attack.


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