The Problem

Only 14.2% of people in rural Sub-Saharan Africa have access to electricity¹.

Harnessing energy from the African sun and generating small amounts of power is finally viable. Solar energy is revolutionizing the lives of students and their ability to study beyond the hours of natural sunlight. It also helps Africans to move about safely after dark and extend the working day.

How You Can Help?

For just £5, you can enable a child to study in a clean, well lit environment, free from the carcinogenic side effects of kerosene lamps.

Solar lamps also enable families to continue their business workings (e.g. making fabrics) after dark and so increase their daily earnings.

Solar lamps are relatively inexpensive yet can make such a wide ranging difference to people in Africa.

¹ IEA, World Energy Outlook, 2011

"Light up Africa!"