Continuing war and the political turmoil surrounding Iraq has resulted in one of the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world. Thousands of Iraqi children have lost everything and are suffering the effects of psychological trauma, poor access to food and water, basic healthcare and education.

Above all, many children have lost the caring protection of their parents and families have been torn apart. In order to rebuild an infrastructure with figureheads to lead their country out of desolation, it is imperative for the Iraqi children to have the right leadership skills and correct education.

Beta Charitable Trust's passion for supporting orphan children has always led them to be at the forefront for building orphanages and schools. In Diwaniya, a school specifically catering for the orphan children of the district was completed in December 2015.

Your generous donations has meant that children are picked up from their homes by a minibus, and provided with 2 substantial meals a day; for many, the only meals that would have been available to them . As well as educational needs, the school tries to meet all of the children's general life and health needs too, providing each child with a full care package with the aim of assisting all aspects of each child’s life.

Your donations have allowed the school to flourish in its first few months. As well as instigating the furnishing of the school and providing teaching aid resources and computers, BCT are also supporting the salaries of all teachers and teaching assistants. Our aim is to give the best education possible for children who truly deserve every opportunity.

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."
B.B. King