APPEAL UPDATE: 11th October 2017

Our partners on the ground have begun their work for the Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

The camps are horrendous, with walk ways crisscrossing with open sewers.
Due to the total lack of sanitation facilities and the subsequent looming threat of disease spread, the first action being carried out is the construction of toilets and vital water wells.
Each shanty that houses an average of 15 people will now have 2 toilets (one for males and one for females) and one shallow water well providing clean drinking water.

  • One toilet costs $120 (£91 GBP)
  • One hand held water pump costs $270 (£205 GBP).

Your kind donations are making this crucial work a possibility.


TENS OF THOUSANDS of people from the Rohingya community have been fleeing to cross the border of Myanmar to escape into Cox Bazar- Bangladesh, amid the increasingly horrific and violent conflict that has been unfolding in their homeland.


Recently, we’ve heard top UN human rights officials describe the brutality as a “textbook example” of ethnic cleansing. The death toll has risen to above 3,000 victims. Homes burned to the ground have reached 10,000.


The refugee camps springing up over the past few weeks have begun to overwhelm Bangladesh. As over 370,000 scared families cross the border, reports are rife of refugees seriously injured as they trigger landmines along the border whilst escaping the brutality.

Time is running out for the Rohingya people. If we cannot help within the area of conflict, then we must look to the frightened refugees who have managed to get out with their lives. Where will they go once they arrive in Bangladesh? How will they feed their children and keep them dry and warm during the rainy season?

The world looks on as the Rohingya people cry out desperately for food, water, sanitation, shelter and safety.

BCT has pledged $25,000 to help with the immediate urgent plight of the displaced Rohingya.


Please donate generously for this urgent appeal, by following this link.

Thank you.


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