One of our key projects in Afghanistan is providing widows with a sustainable income. Afghanistan has one of the highest number of widows (proportionate to the total in the world) due to the ongoing amount of conflicts that have affected the country for two decades. Most of these widows have an average of 4 children to support, and the majority cannot read or write.
The lack of basic shelter, lack of food and the pressure of earning a living is a constant cause of fear in these women’s lives.
Before the bitter winter fully hits Afghanistan, Beta Charitable Trust has provided 14 widows with 5 sheep each. Each widow is provided with an introduction into sheep rearing skills so that families can become self sustaining through the consumption and selling of milk, cheese, yoghurt, wool and meat.

You can support a widowed family and give them a chance to make it through the dreaded Afghani winter by providing them with a sheep for £98.00
Please do donate even partly towards this worthy cause. Thank you.

"I realised, it is not the time that heals, but what we do within that time that creates positive change."
Diane Dettman