The Problem

People can lose all or part of a limb for various reasons. Common ones include:

  •  Circulation problems from atherosclerosis or diabetes resulting in amputation
  • Traumatic injuries, including  accidents and military combat
  • Cancer
  • Birth defects

How You Can Help?

Artificial limbs can often transform the quality of life experienced by a disabled person. The prosthesis can aid in daily activities such as walking and dressing allowing the recipients a sense of normality and new found independence, thus increasing their self-esteem.  

People in remote villages of Africa usually have no access to modern healthcare facilities and no specialized care for the disabled. Children can be left to suffer for life without any hope of being able to walk again. Many of them do not even know that limb prosthesis can be fitted to enable them to walk unaided.

The CHEPs Jaipur foot project comes as a beacon of hope for such people in the remote county of Wajir, Kenya.

8 amputees from Wajir County were brought by CHEPS to Nairobi and fitted with life enhancing limb prosthesis on 5th August 2014, thanks to the generous donors who support Beta Charitable Trust, UK.

"The first to help you up are the ones who know how it feels to fall down."