Antara Foto/Reuters

More than 1,347 people have now been confirmed dead in the double disaster that hit Sulawesi, Indonesia; a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and the ensuing tsunami that has hit the island has caused terror and turmoil.

It's feared that there are still survivors trapped under the rubble of buildings ruined by the catastrophic disaster.

Amongst the absolute chaos, over 61,000 people have fled their destroyed homes. The UN has reported that 191,000 people are in urgent need of help.

(Erimacs Wilander/EPA-EFE)

Our partners on the ground are already on site and providing emergency aid including food, water, tents and medical supplies and have requested urgent support. BCT has pledged to help them raise $10,000 towards this humanitarian crisis.

Let's join hands together to try to support and save our fellow human beings through this appalling disaster.

"In our life, we only have one thing, which is bravery. If it’s not, what is the value of our life?"
Pramoedya Ananta Toer