Shelter is one of the basic necessities for a human being.

However, 2020 statistics suggest there are approximately 150 million people worldwide are homeless.

The worst affected are the elderly who are commonly neglected by their children who move to towns looking for work and leaving them in remote villages.

BCT’s sponsored SAS20 campaign over the summer highlighted this very desperate situation as our partners witnessed first-hand the living conditions of elderly, widows and orphans in Chakama.

BCT in partnership with CHEPs are seeking to provide decent, low cost housing for these destitute families. Beginning with the construction of 10 houses, each will be furnished with a bed, solar lighting, beddings, curtains and a rug to ensure that the elderly and widows live in a more comfortable and dignified home. Toilets will also be constructed within each home.

The beneficiaries, along with their dependants will received Health Insurance to provide further support for any ongoing illnesses which they are currently unable to access healthcare for. Additionally they will receive monthly food ration packs for 6 months within which time a more sustainable solution will overtake to ensure they are left self-sufficient. A package cost including the furnished housing, toilet facility and the beneficiary’s Health Insurance, is approximately $3,000.

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