The Problem

Over the past half century, the population of Kenya is estimated to have risen from just over 6 million to about 44 million with an estimated 40% of adult’s unemployed¹.

How You Can Help?

BCT supports a micro-finance scheme which gives loans to help individuals start or expand  a business in line with BCT’S philosophy of supporting self sufficiency. Grants are given to entrepreneurs once they have successfully advanced through an interview system and completed a 3 day training course at the Kenya Institute of Business training.

The applicants for the loans vary from already established small businesses wishing to uplift their business to those start – up home based businesses that need the funding and training to begin. All of these businesses, once vetted, are given the funds and help that they need to grow and therefore help their families and eventually their communities.

As a result of the repayments of the loans, further  people can be assisted so the success of one business enables the funding of the start up of another, thus improving the sustainability of the loans for business projects.

¹Central Intelligence Agency 

"Together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail."
Winston Churchill