'Health workers conducted a house-to-house vaccination campaign in Sanaa, Yemen, on Feb. 20. Photo by Khaled Abdullah/Reuters'

APPEAL UPDATE: 28th Oct 2018

Let’s Talk about Yemen. It’s currently the world’s worst humanitarian disaster, and yet the world is completely silent!

The ongoing war itself is causing the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives including children. Meanwhile approx. 22 million people are starvingnd reliant on aid and 8.4 million people are facing famine.

BCT is continuing to support Yemen and we have pledged $10,000 per month offering emergency relief through our Beta Baby Milk and Cholera Vaccine appeals, food aid and also, with the approach of winter, our warm bedding appeal.

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Two years of intense conflict has taken its toll in Yemen. The spread of diarrhoeal diseases is at its peak, as contaminated water and failing sanitation services are the crippling norm. Cholera is a potentially fatal type of this disease, as it infects the small intestine, causing cramps and severe vomiting, as well as other cruel symptoms.

The World Health Organization has recently stated that the number of suspected Cholera cases in Yemen is continuously on the rise, reaching 101,820 with 791 deaths as of 7th June 2017.


Children under 15 years old, account for 46% of these cases and the disease has been confirmed in 19 of the country’s 23 governorates. Organisations such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), are honing in on areas reporting the highest number of cases to help stop the disease from spreading further.

This is where the oral cholera vaccine (OCV) comes in, as one of the most effective tools available to combat outbreaks across the country.


Beta Charitable Trust in Yemen

BCT is already helping with food and medication for the malnourished and starving children of Yemen with our Baby Milk Appeal. We are now pledging to help vaccinate children against Cholera.

Vaccination Donation:

Each vaccination costs as little as £8 ($10USD).


We urgently request your support once more.

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"We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone"
Dr. Loretta Scott