Amid a climate of escalating desperation almost 1 million Syrian refugees, many facing destitution after eight years of civil war with no end in sight, have sought refuge in Lebanon.

Escaping the bloodshed in Syria these refugees, including many infant children, dream of a life of peace.Many refugees arrive possessing only what they can carry. What awaits them is a bitter Lebanese winter where if they are fortunate enough to be afforded shelter, they are often ‘housed’ with inadequate weather protection in tent camps with little security or law enforcement to watch over them.


The images featured above are beyond mindless tragedy. Humanitarian crisis’ and war come with a high price to pay; innocent human lives. No human should be left to die from exposure, and this is happening in Lebanon every day.

Recently as many as 15 children were found dead at a Lebanese refugee camp in a single morning from prolonged cold exposure over night.

This is the grim nature of the situation.

As an immediate response, our partners on the ground in Lebanon have pledged 1,600 blankets in support of the Syrian refugees there.

A locally purchased blanket costs just $20 each.

We ask you to support BCT’s efforts in rising to this challenge. If you believe as we do that this senseless loss of life must stop.

To donate towards this worthy cause, please click here.

We can all make a difference. It starts today.

Thank you.

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. "
Mother Theresa