APPEAL UPDATE: 28th Oct 2018

Let’s Talk about Yemen. It’s currently the world’s worst humanitarian disaster, and yet the world is completely silent!

The ongoing war itself is causing the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives including children. Meanwhile approx. 22 million people are starvingnd reliant on aid and 8.4 million people are facing famine.

BCT is continuing to support Yemen and we have pledged $10,000 per month offering emergency relief through our Beta Baby Milk and Cholera Vaccine appeals, food aid and also, with the approach of winter, our warm bedding appeal.

We’re calling out to you, our dedicated BCT supporters, donors and friends; to read the full update, please click here.


The world has forgotten Yemen.  

The upsetting images of malnourished, skeletal adults and children have startled everyone into the reality of a population barely surviving in the grips of a desperate food crisis. Starving babies and children are fighting for their lives in Yemen's surviving hospitals. The ongoing war, daily air strikes and the 18 month sea blockade are creating man-made famine conditions in the regions poorest country.

The UN Humanitarian Aid Chief has described a recent visit to Hodeidah as "absolutely devastating" and the severe needs of the 1.5 million badly nourished children as "desperate". That includes 370,000 babies and children enduring very severe malnutrition that weakens their immune system.

Abuses of human rights in Yemen have led the UN to call for an independent mission to report on these violations.


Beta's Mission

At Beta Charitable Trust, we have decided to pledge our efforts into raising funds to provide powdered milk for the babies and children of Yemen. We have a target to raise $25,000 towards the Beta Baby Milk Appeal for this powdered milk to reach the starving children of Hudeidah as a matter of grave urgency. The perilous journey through this war torn country will begin with our partners from our ground team journeying through Djibouti.


Beta's Mission


Your generous donations are what make these projects possible. Please take a moment to make a huge difference in the lives of this starving nation.

Milk Powder Donations ($)
  • 400g feeds a child for one week: $3.60
  • 900g feeds a child for two weeks or two children for a single week: $7.40
  • 2.5kg feeds a child for six weeks or six children for a week: $16


Please click here to donate to the Beta Baby Milk appeal.

Thank you.


"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."
Mahatma Gandhi