Yemen Update: Emergency Aid 2019

Yemen Update: Emergency Aid 2019 - Beta Charitable Trust
Photograph: Hammadi Issa/AP

Let’s Talk about Yemen.

It’s currently the world’s worst humanitarian disaster, and yet the world is completely silent!

The ongoing war itself is causing the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives including children. Meanwhile three quarters of the Yemeni population (approx. 22 million people) are starving and reliant on aid and 8.4 million people are facing famine. In addition to this misery, according to the World Health Organization the country is being plagued by the largest cholera outbreak in recorded history!

Even though this horrific situation is afflicting so many people, the rest of the world has become desensitised. 

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”- Martin Luther King Jr.


Photograph: Saleh Al-Obeidi/AFP/Getty Images

We’re calling out to our dedicated BCT supporters, donors, and friends; together let’s make a real difference and help support our fellow human beings in Yemen.

Let’s raise awareness of this humanitarian crisis within our own networks, shout it out loud and clear and offer aid where possible.


BCT is continuing to support Yemen and we have pledged $10,000 per month offering emergency relief through our Beta Baby Milk and Cholera Vaccine appeals, food aid and also, with the approach of winter, our warm bedding appeal .

Every donation you give, makes a huge difference;

  • Feed a child 1 week (400g): $3.60
  • Feed a child 2 weeks or 2 children for 1 week (900g): $7.40
  • Feed a child 6 weeks or 6 children for 1 week (2.5kg): $16
  • Single Cholera Vaccination: $10 (£8)
  • Warm Winter Blanket $23 (£16.60) 


Take a look at some of the images from our recent Food Aid Project.

To make a donation towards our appeals, please click here.