Wells for Kenya

Wells for Kenya - Beta Charitable Trust
Beta Charitable Trust sponsored the digging of 5 wells in Wajir County, Kenya. This county has suffered repeated droughts and famine which, together with extreme poverty, has led to chronic food insecurity among its people. These wells projects intend to improve water supply and encourage farming thus reducing food insecurity in this region.

The shallow wells provide the much needed water for domestic use and for irrigation in kitchen gardens. Furthermore this has encouraged many to start small scale agriculture. This is expected to improve their coping capability during the next drought and famine.

Below are the details of the well digging beneficiaries.

Well D219 Beneficiary: Abey Ali of Makaror village, Wajir County, Kenya

The beneficiary is a poor widower who lost his wife recently. He was left with children to look after alone. He is jobless, weak and does menial jobs to feed his family.

He was extremely happy to get his own well and is praying for the donor who helped dig his well. "May Almighty Allah grant the donor paradise” he prays.

Well D220 Beneficiary: Fatuma Jelle of Makaror village, Wajir County, Kenya

Very poor and needy family who lost their livestock in the past droughts. They recently settled in the village and are acutely desperate. The husband does menial jobs to make ends meet. They are extremely happy to get their own well and are profusely praying for the donors.

Well D221 Beneficiary: Zeinab Humow of Jogoo village, Wajir County, Kenya

She is a single mother with children. She is very needy. The husband reportedly abandoned the family and she single handedly fends for the kids. She was extremely joyful now that she has her own well. She will use the well for domestic use and for her shade trees. She prays for the donor saying that 'May the Almighty Allah remember them during their time of need'.

Well D222 Beneficiary: Adan Garat of Bahati village, Wajir County, Kenya

The beneficiary is a widow with young children. She is desperate and needs any help she can get. Their father passed on recently. The children stay with the grandmother while the mother sales vegetables at the local village market to feed the family. They were very grateful and profusely prayed for the donor.

Well D223 Beneficiary: Omar Billow of Bahati village, Wajir County, Kenya

The beneficiary is a young jobless man who does menial jobs to earn an income. He already started ferrying water in jerricans from the well for sale to local kiosks and homes. He appreciates and thanks the donor.