Together Wheel Push Back Poverty

Together Wheel Push Back Poverty - Beta Charitable Trust

The physically challenged are at disadvantage all over the world but no more so than in Africa.

BCT is very aware of the “extra challenges” that disabled African people face daily and have pledged to dedicate funding to help ease these demanding situations.

BCT handed over 4 wheelchairs, 1 pair of crutches and 2 baby walkers to a total of 16 physically challenged people, a number of which were children.

The recipients have since reported how their lives have been dramatically altered for the better, since receiving various equipment from BCT. Resting at night was better improved due to an ease in day time struggles.

Everyday Essential equipment that are readily available to disabled people in the West, are largely unavailable to physically challenged people in Africa.

Thanks to your generous donations and tremendous efforts towards supplying such equipment, their quality of life and their employment prospects are hugely improved.

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Thank you.