Together Today

Together Today - Beta Charitable Trust

BCT are extremely excited about one of our newest partnerships.


The organisation, PAMOJA LEO, (meaning ‘Together Today’ in Kiswahili) was founded by a couple, Ed and Georgina Hill, in 2014. They had always intended to start something that worked to better the lives of children living in poverty, but they had the age-old thought that they would do something about it “someday”, “one day when I’m older, richer, smarter”.

That all changed when they were taking a road trip through Tanzania in August 2014 and found two children abandoned in the street. This highlighted the constraints that poverty puts on the lives of young children and the urgency to provide opportunities for children to thrive.

Their vision is of an organisation that respectfully communicates the needs of the poor, uses current research and best practice to inform their project design, respects diversity, ensures that children’s voices are heard and that they can thrive to be the game-changing, active and inspired generation of tomorrow!

The founders both live in Tanzania and are the Volunteer On-site Directors.

BCT have already begun funding a few of their programmes which include;

Youth Club – Working with children between ages 8-14yrs old, the class consists of approx. 25-30 students, with an even greater waiting list. The goals are to:

  • Empower students to think about the issues in their community and enact change
  • Encourage leadership skills
  • Promote global citizenship
  • Improve language skills
  • Introduce concepts of children’s rights 

Nutrition Scheme – Free portions or porridge will feed children attending 3 child-friendly spaces created around Tanga, Tanzania. Each child receives porridge at least 3 times a week.

Student Scheme – Extra tuition is provided after school to help children achieve the grades they need to progress. The most vulnerable in society are often the ones that miss out on school or fall behind on their grades.

Entrepreneur Scheme – Providing funds and training to the caregivers of the most vulnerable children, to start their own business or grow an already existing business so they can better care for their children. This will also cover start up costs and materials. A series of workshops for the women on the scheme will also be hosted.


We're expecting some really fresh and exciting things to come from these two and we'll be looking for your help.