The rehabilitation of 7 wells in Kenya

The rehabilitation of 7 wells in Kenya - Beta Charitable Trust
Beta Charitable Trust sponsored rehabilitation (cupping) of 7 wells in Wajir County, Kenya. This county has suffered repeated droughts and famine which, together with extreme poverty, has led to chronic food insecurity among its people. BCT’s wells project intends to improve water supply and encourage farming thus reducing food insecurity in this region. Many people have dug shallow wells themselves; however, they lack resources to ‘cup’ it. Thanks to the donors kind gesture in supporting this project the beneficiaries will now be able to draw water from their wells safely without fearing either children or animals falling into it nor of dirt filling it.

The wells were completed in the areas of Makaror, Bulla Isiolo and Bahati in Wajir County. Each beneficiary has their own story and they are told below.

Shankara Billow is a widow with a large family. They do not have a stable income and depend on the small amount that one of her sons is paid for menial work. One of her sons had dug the well, however it had remained uncupped for some time. The family were extremely happy when their well was cupped because not only will they have water for the family, they will also be able to water their goats and grow shading trees. 

Arfon Muhumed is an elderly grandmother looking after her orphaned grandchildren. Their father passed away recently after having dug their well. The family are destitute and live on hand outs from relatives and well wishers. The children had been fetching water from distant wells as theirs was uncupped and thus risky for them to use. Now that their well is cupped they are extremely happy and grateful that they can fetch water in safety.

Ali Nur Mohamed is a small scale farmer who had been struggling to irrigate his crops. He grows vegetable and hay for sale and had been struggling to make a living. He intends to irrigate his kitchen garden using water from the newly cupped well. In the future he plans to install a generator on top of the well to pump water and enable him to diversify his farm and grow fruit trees. 

Ali Nunow is a young, jobless man who engages in kitchen gardening and growing trees. He uses the vegetables he grows to earn a living. He had an uncupped well but he said that rodents and goats used to fall inside meaning that he could not use the water; “with a cupped well it will be easier for me to draw water from the well” he said. He now intends to grow fruit trees as well as continuing his vegetable growing.

Mohamed Abey is a young man doing menial jobs and taking care of both his family and his aged parents. He works on construction sites as a manual labourer and dug the well himself. He had previously been forced to fetch water for his family from a well 500m away every night when returning from work. He exclaimed that he was extremely glad that his family now has access to water.

Dahaba Alasow and her husband are an aged couple taking care of their orphaned grandchildren. She and her grandson cut firewood from the bush to sell and feed the family; another grandson had dug the well. Her grandchildren used to fetch water for the family from a neighbour’s well since theirs was uncupped and dangerous. They are extremely grateful that they now have a safe, cupped well.

Abshir Mohamed is a young farmer with a large family. He grows trees for shade and for sale. He lacked the water he needed to diversify his farm. He had dug his well himself but was unable to cup it. Now that he has a cupped well he will diversify into kitchen gardening and keeping goats. His family were all smiles on seeing their well cupped.