The Beautiful Sight of Summer - Eye Camp Update

The Beautiful Sight of Summer - Eye Camp Update - Beta Charitable Trust

Globally, uncorrected refractive errors and un-operated cataract are the top two causes of vision impairment. More than 80% of all visual impairment can be prevented or cured. (WHO, 2017)

This summer, BCT has been busy.


We have been sponsoring yet more free eye camps between June, July, August and September this year. There were a total of 4 eye camps covering the Tanzanian regions of Tanga and Mpakani and , another was held in Garissa, Kenya. An astonishing 681 patients were screened, of which 551 patients, including 12 children, qualified to receive life changing eye surgery for Cataracts, Ptergyium, Chalazion and other similar eye related diseases which cause blindness, severely affecting their day to day life.

Patients at these camps are cared for in a holistic manner, rather than just undergoing surgery in an assembly line, ensuring their well-being and welfare was of the upmost importance. Follow-up appointments were held for patients to check on their progress & recovery, and all surgeries were deemed successful with no reported complications.


This is what we’ve been doing in Kenya and Tanzania this summer. BCT have pledged to do 110 cataracts every month in Kibaha alone!

However, vital work would not be made possible without the hard work of the ophthalmologists, nurses and many assistants; as always a massive thank you to all the volunteers involved in facilitating these camps and helping to make a huge difference to hundreds of those struggling with something so easily treated with the right opportunity.

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