Syrian Desert Medical Camp

Syrian Desert Medical Camp - Beta Charitable Trust

This summer, BCT was privileged to support a medical camp that took place in the village of Hassia, just south of Homs, Syria.


Vital health services, including optometry and dentistry, were provided to hundreds of displaced Syrians, thanks to the generosity of professionals who took time out of their busy lives and traveled over as volunteers.


According to recent reports, an estimated 13.1 million people in Syria require humanitarian assistance, (World Vision, 2018)*.


Sadly these business professionals, academics and hard working civilians are now stranded in the middle of the desert living in the most basic of accommodation after being forced to flee their homes due to the conflict raging in their homeland.

BCT were proud to have sponsored much needed medical supplies distributed by G.P’s during the clinics.

A huge thank you to the ground team and volunteer doctors, opticians and dentists who had flown in from the UK to facilitate this camp.