Supporting Sufra Food Bank

Supporting Sufra Food Bank - Beta Charitable Trust

In 2017; 8 million working-age adults, 4 million children and 1.9 million pensioners (65+yers) were living in poverty in the UK.

IFS Report R114

Parents barely surviving on a very low income, prioritise the basic necessities of food, warmth & shelter; and where these basic needs are at risk, parents take the strain, eventually neglecting their own fundamental

Some families even face inadequately heated or damp homes, which can lead to breathing problems, eye & skin irritation. People living on the bare minimum are also more susceptible to mental health difficulties such as; anxiety and depression, which can make dealing with daily demands of finding somewhere to sleep or where the next meal comes from, even harder.

We asked staff members from Beta Pharmaceuticals & sister company Neon Diagnostics, to donate imperishable goods/toiletries. The collection would make up a portion of Sufra’s weekly food parcels for distribution. These supply packages are distributed to people living in and around North West London who are on or below the breadline and in desperate need of basic food & hygiene products.


The Beta family took on the task; rummaging through the depths of their cupboards, navigated the supermarket aisles and managed to put together an
incredible 16 boxes full of supplies! As well as 3 lovingly hand-knitted blankets also donated! 

Sufra Food Bank NW London have been our very good friends for a long time. We were very excited to see our aid to Sufra in a physical donation following years of funding their many different projects and help for the homeless/poverty stricken UK residents.