Seketoure Hospital Water Project

Seketoure Hospital Water Project - Beta Charitable Trust

It is estimated that half the hospital beds in developing countries are filled with people suffering from diseases caused by poor water, sanitation and hygiene1. This situation is bad enough but in addition, many of the hospitals have inadequate access to clean water and sanitation facilities themselves. As a result, a substantial number of people will not recover from the illnesses they were being treated in hospital for in the first place.

In August 2014, with the help of one of our ground  teams, The Desk and Chair Foundation, BCT helped to fund the installation and raising of a large water storage tank at Seketoure Hospital in Mwanza. This was desperately  needed so that clean, safe water could reach all the wards of the hospital. Their  original  tank had not been placed high enough and so  the  extremely low  water pressure that was genearated  was not great enough to carry water to all wards of the hospital.  Many wards simply did without.  The new  tank, which holds 10000 litres of water,  was hoisted onto a stand and the plumbing connected so that finally, clean water could be pumped to all wards of the hospital providing water for  sanitation and for drinking. 

As a result of your generosity, the large number of patients that come through this busy hospital every day are now receiving safe and clean care.

References and thanks

With thanks to The Desk and Chair Foundation for the arrangement and monitoring of this project.

1 UNDP Human Development Report, 2006