Rohingya Appeal 2017 - Progress Update

Rohingya Appeal 2017 - Progress Update - Beta Charitable Trust
K. M. Asad/Getty


APPEAL UPDATE: 11th October 2017

Our partners on the ground have begun their work for the Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

The camps are horrendous, with walk ways crisscrossing with open sewers.

Due to the total lack of sanitation facilities and the subsequent looming threat of disease spread, the first action being carried out is the construction of toilets and vital water wells.

Each shanty that houses an average of 15 people will now have 2 toilets (one for males and one for females) and one shallow water well providing clean drinking water.

  • One toilet: $120 (£91 GBP)
  • One hand held water pump: $270 (£205 GBP) 

Your kind donations are making this crucial work a possibility.