More help needed for those affected by the floods in Pakistan

More help needed for those affected by the floods in Pakistan - Beta Charitable Trust
BCT have helped to distribute 845 blankets to families, struggling to survive in the extreme cold nights of winter after facing a horrible a flood. The conditions in which the flood-hit people live is difficult to describe, large families have to live in a single tent, which is not intended to accommodate many people, after the destruction of their homes.

In view of their hardships against the tough weather, each family was provided with a large double bed sized and double folded blanket for protection against the cold. 

This was the third visit to the flood-hit areas of southern Punjab, where 334 and 1,200 food parcels have been distributed, in the first and second phases respectively. Most of the badly affected areas are still inundated with flood waters so the volunteers have to travel in boats to supply relief to victim families. 

In this phase; the help has been focused on the worst affected families who have been neglected, having neither strength nor voice to approach anyone for their rights at the time of crisis. Orphans, the disabled and the sadat families have been sent help after suffering in the recent deluge and are living in tents after the washing away of their homes. 

This crisis is ongoing and the people in this area of Pakistan are still in great need of help. BCT will continue to provide assistance where it can. 

With thanks again to Zahra Academy for the distribution of the help in affected areas in Pakistan.