Mohamed Completes the London Marathon

Mohamed Completes the London Marathon - Beta Charitable Trust
BCT has always championed the cause for clean, safe water and have been passionately involved in many projects to provide water wells and hand pumps that will deliver precious water that is clean and accessible and so prevent life threatening diseases.

On Sunday the 26th April, on a cloudy, drizzly morning in London, Mohamed, a Beta Charitable Trust Trustee, was preparing to start his 11th marathon run.

He began at 10am, pounding the streets of London, steeped in history and lined with enthusiastic supporters. Running to raise money for water projects in countries where the provision of safe water is still a massive challenge, he would influence so many lives.

Having completed his 11th London Marathon, Mohamed hopes that people continue to support his worthy cause and donate to provide the basic right of safe water for all.

Every 20 seconds, a child dies as a result of poor sanitation and the provision of improved sanitation and safe drinking water could reduce diarrhoeal diseases by nearly 90%.