Meet Guya Salim

Meet Guya Salim - Beta Charitable Trust

On the 3rd - 4th March, an eye camp was held in Mnazini village found in Garsen, a constituency of Tana River County, which is located 582km from Nairobi.

The ground team held both a surgical and optometry camp. The team attended to a total of 302 ophthalmic patients and operated on 52 patients that were otherwise blind due to cataracts disease.

The services provided were as follows:

Total no. of patients served: 302 
Eye Drops dispensed:  374 
Spectacles given out:  148
Cataract Surgeries conducted:  52

We would like to share with you one of the most captivating stories from the camps;

The girl, pictured on the right, is Guya Salim, a 7 year old resident of the village of Mnazini. She was born blind and throughout her life been fully dependent on her parents, for her day to day activities. She therefore does not attend school, and has faced major difficulties acquiring basic life skills.

Coming from such a deprived background, her family were unable to seek medical attention for her and had ultimately given up hope of her ever regaining her sight. When her father learnt of the camp he made arrangements for Guya to attend. They were very disheartened to be told that the team would be unable to operate on Guya’s complex case, as the clinic was running from a make-shift theatre in a small dispensary that had neither a proper theatre or anesthesia equipment. They advised Guya’s father to travel to Niarobi for their surgery at their next camp.



In Niarobi, after a successful surgery, her sight was restored in one eye and she was able to see for the first time in her life. When her dressing was removed, she couldn't control 

her excitement as she kept looking around the hospital, pointing at different people and objects all of which she was not familiar with.

The family was advised to attend the next camp which was scheduled for the end of May. After another successful cataract operation on her second eye, she is finally able to see fully out of both eyes. Words are unnecessary, just take a look at her happy face.

Hope has been restored for Guya. She can start going to school for the first time and can now live a normal life like the other children her age.

It is through these eye camps that Guya managed to find help. The constant support of the volunteers and generous donations towards these hugely important eye camps, ensure that help reaches the most deprived and rural areas, where sight for many is a luxury rather than a given.