Happy 16th Birthday BCT

Happy 16th Birthday BCT - Beta Charitable Trust

1st Quarter Report 2020; January - March

A summary of some of what we’ve been up to in the first few months of 2020.

This list is by no means exhaustive; please visit our website to read more on our previous and ongoing projects. As always, a huge thank you to our supporters, donors and partners; these past 16 years of Building, Changing and Transforming lives would not be possible without you.

Striving Against Starvation 2020; Covid-19 Medical Aid & Food Parcel Programme

According to the WHO, 821 million people are undernourished and live on less than £1 a day; that's 1 in 9 of the world's population!

With Covid-19 causing chaos around the world, those living under the breadline are at a huge risk due the lack of basic amenities, including food and medical aid. BCT has therefore pledged, as part of this year's Striving Against Starvation 2020 ( SAS20 appeal), to provide vital medical and food aid to those who are suffering the most during this dangerous pandemic. We aim to raise £100,000 of aid.

Running from April to June, SAS20 aims to provide aid to the poorest and most deprived in the United Kingdom as well as in hard-to-reach areas of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Chad, Guinea-Bissau, India, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tanzania and Yemen.

Just £6 can provide a family of four with a food parcel for one whole wee

Distributions have begun as our partners on the ground have been circulating emergency aid to the poorest areas of Kenya, Baltistan and Tanzania during these troubling times. Follow us on social media for regular updates on the distribution works!

For more information on our SAS20 appeal and to donate please visit our website!

Locust Plague Emergency Appeal

Presently, in 2020, Kenya is experiencing the worst locust infestation in 70 years.

Many parts of the country are facing widespread destruction of farms, adding injury to an already ailing country. The swarms of millions of locusts are expected to increase by at least 20 times in the next few months, multiplying their destruction further and potentially leading to severe famine.

With the spreading Coronavirus Pandemic, governments are shifting their focus away from providing ongoing food security and so, many hungry communities are being deserted and are at risk of starvation.

BCT are working at the request of our ground team to provide food rations to deprived families in two counties. Our Partners have estimated the cost of providing aid during this crisis is likely to reach $106,000.

The most destitute villages will be given immediate food relief and provided with Maize Seeds to encourage re-farming in the hope of a future sustainable solution to this food crisis.

Eye camps

A Cataract surgery can take minutes, but cataracts still cause 49% of the world’s blindness due to lack of optical aid.

BCT is committed to supporting the establishment of medical clinics and mobile eye camps throughout the World.

In 2019 alone we supported a total of 90 camps and funded the cost of over 3200 cataract surgeries. Eye camps for 2020 have begun and the first 12 eye camps have totaled 610 cataract surgeries already.

The sight-restoring eye surgeries are life changing and BCT are proud to be able to be part journey of healing across the most rural and impoverished areas of Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan and India.

Keep The Girls In School Campaign

The United Nations estimated that 1 in 10 girls in Africa miss school because of their periods. Furthermore, studies have shown that girls from poor families in Kenya miss 20% of school days in a year due to lack of sanitary products.

Many girls who grow up in poverty often cannot afford menstruation protection which means that they don’t fully participate in school, sports or social life when they have their periods. This commonly leads to increased school absences and ,for some girls, even dropping out altogether. Poverty also means that girls will use unhygienic rags and leaves to protect themselves, exposing them to a wide range of reproductive health diseases.

BCT is proud to support the Girls Sanitary Kits which will provide reusable, environmentally friendly and hygienic sanitary towels to girls across rural Kenya. Training will be provided to girls on their usage, as well as educating them on reproductive health.

Secondary School in Chakama, Kenya

The WHO estimates that over 40% of the Kenyan population live below the poverty line of $1.9 a day. This means they are unable to access education due to various challenges which has forced children living in poverty to be locked out of education.

BCT are proud to be working in rural Kenya in supporting the development of Classrooms and Schools. Our most recent project is the development of Chakama Secondary School, where we are hoping to support the building of classrooms, a computer and science lab, a kitchen and dining hall, as well as a school library.

Philippines Secondary School

BCT are rebuilding a school in a primitive and remote area in the Philippines.

Burgos Elementary School in Botolan is more than a day's travel away from civilization. The children are schooled in an area where there is no running water or sanitation. The current school building has become a feeding ground for termites and is falling apart. The cycle of poverty means that education is only a dream.

BCT is working with partners so that the dream of education can become a reality for 200 children in the area. Work is due to start shortly.

Yemen Crisis

The world has forgotten Yemen. The UN envoy recently stated; “Yemen is at a critical juncture”. The UN estimates 17.8 million people lack access to safe water and sanitation.

BCT continues to support Yemen with our annual pledge of $84,000, offering emergency relief through our Cholera Vaccination Appeal, Baby Milk Powder Appeal and Winter Blanket Appeal. For more details and how to donate, please visit our website.


Charity begins at home. BCT is passionate about supporting the needy through homeless charities, food banks, cancer and palliative care, vulnerable children and youth with learning disabilities.

In February, the staff at Beta Pharmaceuticals & Neon Diagnostics raised money for Farleigh Hospice by having a cake sale, participating in a dress down day and contributing to a staff raffle. The fundraising day raised a total of £1260.63. BCT ‘s contribution of £2,500 brought our total donation to £3760.63.

BCT also donated £1,500 to our new friends at Hand on Heart, towards the 450 Winter Warmer Packs which were distributed across Holborn, Charing Cross and Wembley in February. Each backpack included basic clothing, toiletries, sanitation products, water and a snack bar. . The work being done by them is phenomenal and greatly needed.

More recently, we have donated a further £10,000 to support our friends at Sufra Food Bank as they struggle to meet the unprecedented demands of food parcels during the troubling times of the COVID-19 outbreak.

For more information on all our projects, both old and new, please visit out website; www.betacharitabletrust.org