Hand Pumps installed in Pakistan

Hand Pumps installed in Pakistan - Beta Charitable Trust
In September 2014 25 hand pumps were installed in Darya Khan, Punjab. In partnership with Zahra Academy, BCT funded the installation. This region has many under-privileged people who were living without the basic human right of water. They could not afford to install pumps themselves to access drinking water and therefore this region was helped by BCT and Zahra Academy.

A total of 1314 families will benefit from the installation of these wells. The benefits are numerous, including increased health due to higher cleanliness and food hygiene and financial benefits due to there being no need to purchase water. 

In December 2014 18 hand pumps were installed, they were installed in Sujawal Junejo – Sindh. In this region there was a serious issue regarding the availability of drinking water. The habitats in these regions had several diseases caused by the pollution of ponds and streams. This meant that the water that was available to drink was also polluted. The population of this area were also struggling with financial burdens of purchasing water, as well as the physical burden of fetching drinking water from distant areas. 

Now, 852 families will benefit from the 15 hand pumps installed, providing fresh, clean drinking water. At five locations there was a need to stretch canal pipes from nearby areas because of the lack of underground drinking water availability.

We thank all donors and Zahra Academy for enabling these projects to be successful.