Hand Pump for Wajir School for the Deaf, Kenya

Hand Pump for Wajir School for the Deaf, Kenya - Beta Charitable Trust
Wajir Primary School For The Deaf, Kenya has a student population of over 300 deaf students. The school has benefitted from  BCT's support for various initiatives including solar lights, books and food donations.

The school appealed to Beta Charitable Trust as their 2 water pumps had both failed. The 2 water pumps had previously been dug with support from the school administration and the parents of the children attending the school.

Due to the broken hand pumps, the school was left with no choice but to buy a small amount of water daily, which was ferried by donkey carts, for cooking the school meals. However the students had to seek water for washing, drinking and bathing from the nearby villages.

In July, Beta Charitable trust supported the re-digging and rehabilitation of one well, and installed a second brand new hand pump.
The new wells were gratefully received with much relief from teachers , children and parents, as the deaf children no longer needed to venture into the other villages in search of water which then had to be carried back to school.

A big thank you to all our generous supporters.