Fourteen new homes built in Pakistan

Fourteen new homes built in Pakistan - Beta Charitable Trust

In March 2015, 14 homes were completed for the flood hit families of Sindh. This was the last of three phases of construction of homes for those affected by the horrendous floods of 2010 and 2013.

The homes were built in a village called Gul Hassan Laghari in Sindh, Pakistan. The village was severely affected by the flood of 2010 and the villagers had received no help to rebuild their lives since the destruction had occurred. Without help these villagers were unable to provide shelter for themselves and start their lives again, leaving them vulnerable to further onslaughts from storms and flooding.

The houses that were constructed provide a spacious living area and fully plumbed bathroom. This means that these houses not only provide warmth and shelter for the families but also sanitary bathroom facilities to encourage hygienic lives.

In total 71 people in 14 families benefited from the construction of these homes.

We are now working to build another ten houses for those in need, update to come in the summer!

Our thanks go to the donors for helping people in such need, and to our partners in Pakistan for facilitating the project.