Four people fitted with prosthetics so that they can walk again

Four people fitted with prosthetics so that they can walk again - Beta Charitable Trust
People in remote areas of Kenya suffer a lot from a lack of access to basic healthcare facilities. This is especially more so for those children and adults who have their legs amputated because of accident, infections, and snake bite. They suffer for life without any hope of being able to walk again. Many of them do not even know that limb prosthesis can be fitted to enable them walk on their own.

With the success of the previous three such projects, the 4th CHEPs Jaipur Foot Project brought amputees from remote villages of Wajir County to Nairobi. They were examined at the Jaipur Foot centre and were fitted with limb prosthesis on 25th November 2014. They were trained to walk again before returning to their villages full of hope and enthusiasm for a better life. Two of these beneficiaries’ prostheses were sponsored by Beta Charitable Trust. Below is more information on those beneficiaries:




How and when amputated

Source of living


Ahmed Abdi Ibrahim


Ganyurey, Wajir

He was diagnosed with a tumour earlier this year due to which his foot was amputated. He couldn’t afford the artificial foot but another beneficiary of CHEPs limb prosthesis project told him about this and so he approached Hamza (CHEPs volunteer) for help.

He sits at home doing nothing as he’s not able to move around. His children look after his goats. He lives with his parents and children. His wife died a few years ago.

He found the new prosthesis light and comfortable to walk with. He will now be able to take care of the animals and also be able to do some menial jobs to support the family.

Mohamed Abdi Idow


Habasweini, Wajir

His foot was amputated due to Diabetes complication

Jobless and relies on handouts from friends & family relatives. His wife and 2 children passed away. He gets his medicine from the government hospital sometimes. Other times he stays without medicine.

Now that he will be able to walk, he expects to start hawking business if he gets some support in terms of capital.