Families finally receive 10 new homes in Baluchistan

Families finally receive 10 new homes in Baluchistan - Beta Charitable Trust

In March of this year BCT received a request from a partner organisation in Pakistan. Amazingly there were 10 families still looking for assistance to rebuild their lives after devastating floods in 2010 and 2012 in Baluchistan. The area was poverty stricken and the inhabitants lacked the resources to rebuild their houses. This affected them in numerous ways, from causing illness to affecting their ability to work and sustain their lives. The families were living in straw and mud dwellings, and dangerous, unstable houses. 

BCT was able to offer help and funded the construction of ten new homes for these families. The homes are of sturdy construction, built further away from the danger of flooding, and provide sanitary bathrooms as well as somewhere safe and warm to live. 

The recipients are incredibly grateful for the new chance afforded to them at a safe life and the community admires the quality of the work done. BCT are thankful to all of those involved in the funding and construction of these houses.