EYE CAMPS - BIG 2017 UPDATE - Beta Charitable Trust

Over the duration of 2017, BCT together with their Tanzanian & Kenyan ground teams, sponsored 12 successful free eye camps. The eye camps reached vulnerable and needy citizens from various remote towns and villages in Tanzania & Kenya including Mpakani, Kibaha, Pwani, Tanga, Garissa, Lamu & Tabora.

A total of approximately 640 surgeries took place, which provided vital cataract surgeries to those in desperate need for a chance to finally correct their sight. When medical assistance is not easily accessible, cases can become too severe and if left untreated, can lead to complete loss of sight.

A range of patients aged between 15 and 94 were seen to and their regained sight has given them a new lease of life.

One case in particular caught the attention of our ground team. Mwanahawa Musa (pictured with her grandson Ally Rashidi) is from the remote village of Ruvuma and had been completely blind for several years.
Mwanahawa was discovered searching for aid and carrying a very sad story of being evicted by their host in Dar es Salaam.

Unfortunately vision in one of her eyes was untreatable due to childhood trauma. However, thanks to the wonderful work at the eye camp, Mwanahawa now has full vision in her other eye.




Spring - Medical clinic, Garissa, Kenya

A sharp thorn caught 14 year old Class 6 Student, Nikolas Mwangani’s left eye in 2016. As a result of the trauma to his eyes, his class performance deteriorated and he was forced to repeat a year at school.

He travelled 200km to seek medical aid from our eye camp at the beginning of 2017.

After his full recovery from surgery, Nikolas expressed his happiness to the team and aspires to become a doctor so that he may support others in the same way that he was supported.


Summer - Pangani, Tanzania 7th-9th July

The blistering sun could not deter our ground team from carrying out one of our biggest and most successful eye camps to date; 

No. of Patients screened:   3175 
Cataracts operations:   134 
Spectacles prescribed:   2364
Unit of medicine dispensed:   2775 


The Pangani General Hospital surgeons were kept very busy rectifying the sight of those who may have not seen clearly for most of their lives.

Ophthalmic specialists provided much needed eye tests and prescribed spectacles to those requiring them.

We also had a team of Pharmacists distributing medicines to those who have never had access to such medication before.



Winter - Lamu, Kenya

Lamu is a small town on Lamu Island sitting on the beautiful coastline of North East Mombasa.

From 13th to 17th December 2017 our team on site carried out one of our most rewarding eye camps.

A total number of 518 people were treated and offered eye drops and/or spectacles free of charge.
Additionally, 36 cataract surgeries, 1 chalazion evacuation, 2 Tarsal plate rotations and 1 conjunctival mass excision were carried out.

This successful eye camp could not have been possible without the many helping hands of the ophthalmic medical assistants and Professors. We are truly thankful for their on-going support.


Winter - Tabora, Tanzania

In addition to this, at the end of 2017 we sponsored another free eye camp which provided a further 400 cataract procedures to the destitute people of Tabora, Tanzania. The camp took place over the Christmas period from 23rd – 26th December. Our volunteer surgeons provided vital eye surgery services while being able to celebrate the giving spirit of Christmas by sharing the gift of eyesight with the community. Powered by the message of peace and unity, they were able to spread joy to the people of Tabora.







One case of an 8 month old baby particularly pulled the heartstrings of the volunteers. She had completely lost her sight due to a cataract which had not been treated. Sadly she was offered free medical aid too late, and the cataract has turned cancerous. BCT is currently working on having the cancerous
tumour removed in an attempt to save her sight.

This case highlights the importance of BCT’s free eye camps, and illustrates the consequences if help is not provided to those in need. If left too late, life changing conditions are a subsequent.

Our eye camps are imperative to ensure that further quality of life is not lost.

We are ever grateful to the expertise and caring nature of our ophthalmologists, camp consultants and camp organisers in assisting and supporting the running of the eye camps. A special thanks to all of the volunteers who travelled over from the UK and Canada. With their considerate help and generosity, we have been able to change the lives of so many individuals and a vast number of people of South East Africa have a better hope of a brighter future.

We have already scheduled and begun eye camps for 2018 and are determined to continue doing our part to better the lives of those suffering with cataracts and other such deteriorating eye diseases.

If you would like to donate towards this worthy cause and our upcoming camps in 2018, please follow the “donate now” link below.



No. of patients screened: 8500+

No. of Cataracts surgeries: 900+

No. of eye drops dispensed: 2845


Eye Camps in 2018

Beta Charitable Trust is ever grateful to the expertise and dedication of our ophthalmologists, surgeons, nurses, camp consultants and camp organisers in assisting and supporting the running of the eye camps.

Special thanks as well to our indispensable volunteers.

With the considerate help and generosity of our donors, a vast number of patients now have better hope of a brighter future.