Eye Camp Update: Pangani 2017

Eye Camp Update: Pangani 2017 - Beta Charitable Trust

On the mouth of the Pangani River, where the Indian Ocean meets Tanzania’s coastline, our BCT spokesman met with an AYN (Africa Federation Youth Network) Sheriff and the M.P. and D.M.O. of Pangani.

This meeting took place amongst queues of thousands of people awaiting a FREE eye test, something that they most likely have never had the opportunity to experience.

From 7th to 9th July, the blistering sun could not deter our ground team from carrying out one of our biggest and most successful eye camps to date; 

No. People screened 3175
Cataracts operations on eyes 134
Spectacles prescribed 2364
Units of medicine prescribed 2775



These few days kept Pangani General Hospital surgeons busy rectifying the sight of those who may have not seen clearly for most of their lives. Ophthalmic specialists provided much needed eye tests prescribed spectacles if needed. Pharmacists distributed medicines to those who have never had access to a pharmacy/dispensary.

A herculean medical camp like this one in Pangani, Tanzania, could not have been possible without the many helping hands of the ophthalmic medical assistants, professors, pharmacists, surgeons, Pangani General Hospital staff and the assistance of our numerous volunteers.

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