Eye camp report from the floods of Kenya

Eye camp report from the floods of Kenya - Beta Charitable Trust

Despite the heavy rain experienced all over Kenya, our ground team managed to conduct an eye camp at a village known as Tot, in Elgiyo Marakwet county. The floods have caused close to 200 mortalities so far, and displaced hundreds of thousands. Below is an account of their experience.

“Despite having suspended all non-emergency activities during the ongoing floods, we felt saddened by the thought of the state of that old needy person whose home is destroyed by floods, and yet too blind to flee to higher/safer ground. We were therefore motivated to conduct a camp in Elgiyo Marakwet which is also one of the worst affected by the ongoing floods." Please click on the following link for a photo gallery by a Kenyan National newspaper; (https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/videos/view/2000155596/stay-alert-heavy-floods-coming-to-the-following-regions)

Only 400km away from Nairobi, yet the journey there lasted 16 hours due to the rains and the difficult terrain. Over the two days, 22nd- 23rd May, they managed to conduct a total of 40 surgeries, 27 on the first day and 13 on the second. We had screened and anticipated a much larger number however with the rain, many of the patients could not access us.

On 23rd night, after completing all the surgeries in the evening, gut feeling advised the team to travel back over night and not spend the night there as we had earlier planned. The journey back was uneventful, however, on arrival in Nairobi we learnt that the road that we had used a few hours earlier (which is also the only road to the area) got blocked shortly after we past, by a landslide. One of our nurses who remained behind to review the 13 patients that were operated on day 2 is currently still stuck in Tot awaiting the road to be cleared.

We feel very lucky to have been able to successfully conduct this camp, despite the hazards. We also thank the donors for supporting our efforts."


BCT is very grateful for all the efforts of the nurses and volunteers and also thankful to the donors for supporting our team's efforts.