Eye Camp Update 2018: Mwingi, Kenya

Eye Camp Update 2018: Mwingi, Kenya - Beta Charitable Trust

One of our key focus areas at Beta Charitable Trust is to consistently provide free eye camps for the visually impaired. Vision impairment creates great difficulty amongst the poorest in society as it limits opportunities in education, productivity, employment and social engagement.

Many eye health problems can be prevented and their treatments are among the most successful and cost-effective of all health interventions.

A free eye camp was held on the 19th- 21st February 2018 in Mwingi sub-county, Kitui County, which is located 210km from Nairobi. The team held both a surgical and optometry camp at the Ngomeni Health Centre. This provided services to a total of 334 ophthalmic patients of which 36 were blind due to cataract and were operated on.

The services provided were as follows:

Total no. of patients screened:  334
Eye drops dispensed to treat various diseases:   251
Spectacles handed out to improve vision:   189
Cataract surgeries conducted to restore vision:   36


On follow up, all cataract surgeries were successful and vision was restored in all patients with no complications reported. Most patients were elderly, who had lived in a state of blindness for many years, but could not access treatment due to financial constraints.

The eye camp was a huge success and went a long way in empowering needy communities through the restoration of their vision. We are ever grateful to our ground team for providing a life changing service to those in need, and to our donors without whom, the free eye camp would not have been possible.