Eye Camp held at Ruangwa Primary School

Eye Camp held at Ruangwa Primary School - Beta Charitable Trust
An eye camp was set up at Ruangwa Primary School in central Tanzania from the 25th to 28th December 2014.  In total 2541 patients were screened and 1990 glasses were handed out. 1897 patients received medicines to help with their ailments. It was discovered that due to lack of sufficient clean water supply, people were very dusty and unclean which caused various eye ailments. In addition to the eye screening the patients were also given blood pressure and blood sugar tests.

After screening 203 people were operated upon successfully for cataracts, trachoma and foreign body removal. 

In total there were 8 optometrists carrying out the screenings, 2 pharmacists to distribute medicines, 4 doctors carrying out the operations along with 2 nurses and 3 volunteers to help them. This camp was a massive team effort and this was greatly appreciated by all of the patients. One patient, Adam, a thirteen year old boy was operated upon in both his eyes (pictured above). After the surgery he was too afraid to open his eyes for the first time, when he did he found he could see for the first time in three years. He was so happy that he could see to play football with his friends again.

In addition to the medical treatments at the school, it was discovered that the schools water supply was severely lacking, with students having to carry water from home for school cleanliness and washroom use. The school’s water was rehabilitated, with the installation of a new pipeline and a roof constructed on the water tank. In addition to this, potholes in classrooms were cemented and desks and tables were repaired. 

On the last day of the camp, the children were given stationary items and the elders received second hand clothing, which were greatly appreciated by the recipients. All patients had received food at the camps and hospital catered for by volunteers of the camp.

Our thanks go to the donors who enable us to fund these amazing camps and to Mama Keki and the BMMT team that work so hard to help those in need.