Emergency Response Vehicle - Rural Kenya 2018

Emergency Response Vehicle - Rural Kenya 2018 - Beta Charitable Trust

UPDATE 2018:

BCT is pleased to inform all its supporters and well wishers that the BCT Response vehicle that so many of you donated towards arrived safely and travelled to Chakama, Kenya on 10th October to begin its new life as an Emergency Response Van.

The Response Vehicle will allow residents in rural areas to be reached not only for medical needs but also natural disasters such as; floods, famine, fires etc. and our regular Free Medical Eye Camps across Kenya.  

The Response Vehicles first journey saw it distributing Sorghum seeds just the following morning. These arrived at Benzaro, a village badly struck by recent flooding. This is an effort to enhance their food security in anticipation of the upcoming short rains that the area is prone to annually. 

During our vans first day, Karisa Chengo, a 24yr old male who was involved in a road traffic accident that afternoon, was rushed to Baolala Dispensary (approx. 20km away) for emergency medical services. We have heard he is doing well and making a swift recovery.

As always, we are immensely grateful to all our donors and everyone who helps makes these worthy projects possible. Click for photo album. 




Imagine giving birth in a bush. Unfortunately, this just happens to be an all too familiar story for underprivileged women in rural Kenya.

One lady from the Chakama District was recently faced with this reality, as there is no adequate transport or hospital facilities nearby. Upon giving birth in this state, mother and baby were transported on the back of a motorbike to hospital.

Another lady in the village was in distress as labour had not progressed after a long time. She too was taken to the hospital via motorbike, clinging on for dear life for over an hour’s ride!

These are the lucky ones who our ground team manage to rescue via their motorbikes! It is clearly time to remedy this dire situation.

BCT has purchased and is in process of converting a bus into an emergency ambulance in rural Kenya, which will aid transport of villagers who are sick or mothers going into labour, and need to get the hospital quickly.

The process of fabricating a bus into a fully functioning ambulance which can transport patients with ease, will be lifesaving to the many who are otherwise helpless and stranded when trying to reach medical assistance.

The cost of customising the bus is just short of £12,000 of which £1000 has been raised so far. All funds will be used to cover the initial cost of the vehicle, fabrication and maintenance.

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