Eight people receive prosthetic limbs to help them walk again

Eight people receive prosthetic limbs to help them walk again - Beta Charitable Trust
People in remote villages of Kenya usually have no access to modern healthcare facilities much less specialised care for the disabled. Children and adults can have their legs amputated because of accident, infections, and snake bites; they are then left to suffer for life without any hope of being able to walk again. Many of them do not even know that limb prosthesis can be fitted to enable them walk on their own. 

Beta Charitable Trust works with The Centre for Health and Education Programmes (CHEPS) in Kenya and their Jaipur Foot Project to help people get limb prosthesis fitted to improve their lives.

In August 2014, 8 amputees from Wajir County were brought to Nairobi and fitted with limb prosthesis. Below is a table showing the details of those helped during this project:




How and when amputated

Source of living


Abdi Mohamud Ibrahim


Hawasweni, Wajir

Born amputated


Dependant on relatives after being orphaned 7years ago.

He is form 4 school leaver and intends to look for a job, though he wanted continue with education and do a course on Community Health if supported, as his relatives are poor and cannot afford the cost.

Bishar Abdi Hassan


Barwaqo, Wajir

Suffered cancer and was treated last year in Mombasa


He was working at a hotel in Mombasa (Reef hotel) where he worked for over 20 years as a housekeeper but could not continue after being amputated thus is now jobless.

He looks forward to getting a job again and working as a cleaner, office messenger or any other respectable job after getting a prosthetic limb.


Saney Gedow Omar


Hawasweni, Wajir


He had a road accident in 1966 in Nairobi and was treated at Kenyatta National Hospital

He relies on handouts from friends and relatives as he is a retired old man.

He intends to have a small business like a canteen if supported with capital.

Nuria Ahmed Abdi


Hawasweni, Wajir

She was attacked by an elephant about 12years ago. She was treated at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi


She does small business like cooking and selling mandazi and collecting fire wood, her husband is a casual labourer.

She wants to try and be independent on other people. She will now be able to manage her business better with the prosthetic limb.

Ismael Mbare


Got Ade, Wajir

Snake bite in 2010


He is an orphan; father passed away a year ago and he lives under the care of his relative who are very poor and with no constant source of income. He had to leave his studies at Std 7 . He is now he is a Std 4 pupil at Got Ade Primary School due to the gap in study and being traumatized after the death of his parents and being amputated.

He aspires to be a doctor and he is trying to make ends meet to achieve this goal. He is happy that he now has a prosthetic limb and will be able to walk to school with pride.

Mohamed Mohamed Sarey


Wagalla, Wajir

Cancer treated at Wajir Sr. Irshad hospital


He is retired and relies on handouts from family and friends.

He intends to do small business of being a broker and help people sell/buy animals at market for commission. Now that he has a prosthetic limb he has promised to send his smallest son to school as he can now walk around and does not need care anymore

Dagan Ali Bule


Got Ade, Wajir

Unknown Illness 25 years ago and was treated at Garissa hospitals. (She had a Jaipur foot since 5years ago which needed replacement)


She does small business like making and selling food stuff and charcoal/firewood. She takes care of her 3 orphan children and 3 other orphan children who are her brother’s children.

She intends to continue her business and make sure she takes care of her children until they finish their studies and become independent.