Construction of new homes in Pakistan

Construction of new homes in Pakistan - Beta Charitable Trust
In 2011 Sindh, Pakistan was hit by flooding that destroyed thousands of homes and left families living in tents and fragile mud huts. The flood was caused by the highest ever recorded monsoon rain in Sindh, rains that began on the 11th August 2011 and ceased on 14th September. The flooding was subsequent to the previous year’s historic floods which devastated the entire country. An estimated 500 civilians were killed, 5.3 million people were displaced and 1.5 million homes badly affected.

For two years some of these families lived in shelters that offered little protection  from the scorching summers and freezing winters in Pakistan. These extreme weather conditions put children and the elderly particularly at risk. 

In 2013 BCT were contacted to help build houses for families  that had been left with no shelter and had been living under the open sky for years. BCT and Zahra Academy Pakistan are working together to help build 33 homes for some of those worst affected in Johi, Sindh. These homes are properly constructed brick buildings with a living space and a bathroom finally providing families with somewhere to shelter from the searing sun and freezing cold; somewhere to call home.

These homes will soon be completed and the families will have much needed shelter this coming winter. We thank all of our donors and supporters for their help in the success of this project.