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There are over 44 million children in India; 58% of which do not have the opportunity to finish primary school, and an astounding 90% do not finish high school. In Nelson Mandela’s words, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. And yet the children in India are being denied this extremely important and basic human right.

Many families in rural areas have to work extremely hard to put a single meal on the table at the end of each day, so for many, using precious funds for school fees and supplies isn’t always on the top of their list of priorities. Additionally many of these children support their own families by earnings which supplement the household’s income as well as assisting in chores where they can. The choice becomes education for their children or food on the table.

At BCT we know how crucial education is for the progress of a child’s life, and consequently their family, the community and country as a whole. Thus, building schools in the neediest locations is a key area of our work.

April 1st saw the official opening of one of our biggest school projects to date; a school with a capacity of 500 students. Now open, the fully functioning United English School situated in Junnar, the Pune District of Maharashtra, India is now serving its surrounding underprivileged community of approx. 2000 people. Before the United English School was built, many of the poorest families in the area did not have access to a school or any form of education.

The long-term plan is for the school to grow as the children do. Currently the school is a fully functioning primary school, and this will expand to include a junior and secondary school to cater for the children’s’ education as they grow.

However whilst the school awaits their secondary students, the space allocated is not going to waste! Numerous adult skill classes are taking place in the school to aid parents within the community, and provide the adult population with key skills to gain employment, which in term provides economic upliftment to the community.

BCT and its generous, dedicated supporters have contributed over £110,000 towards this successful and evolving school. If you’d like to take a look at the progress photos of construction and the opening of the school, please click here...

At BCT, we can only hope that our enormous gratitude is felt by the exceptional people who allowed this to happen. Not just our wonderful donors, but also the remarkable, hardworking teams on the ground who have created this beautiful new school.

Work in Junnar is not quite complete…
To assist the disadvantaged community of Junnar, we have already reached £5,000 to construct much needed housing. If you’d like to see more on this; coming soon...