Beta Charitable Trust proudly donated 200 solar lamps in Kenya

Beta Charitable Trust proudly donated 200 solar lamps in Kenya - Beta Charitable Trust

Beta Charitable Trust proudly donated 200 solar lamps to the inhabitants of  Wajir, a poor township in the North East of Kenya.  Our ground team, The Centre for Health and Education Programmes (CHEPS) reported back to us on the impact the solar lamps were having on the lives of Wajir residents.

At the Wajir Primary School for the Deaf, students communicated their delight at finally being able to lip read and sign after sunset. The head boy reported that after dark it became difficult to communicate or monitor everyone’s locations. Directing everyone into their dormitories was particularly time consuming. The solar lamps have meant that confirming student’s safety in both boys and girls deaf schools has become significantly easier.

Garsekoftu Primary school, 128km from Wajir Town has no electricity connections. BCT donated solar lamps to teachers as well as students. The head teacher commented “We can now continue to prepare for the next day’s lessons even after dark which otherwise would not have been possible due to the lack of electricity in the village.”

Mohamed is a young boy and beneficiary of the CHEPS solar lamp distribution. His mother expressed her delight at her son receiving the solar lamp: “Before, I was using kerosene. It smelt and gave off a lot of smoke and I was using a lot of money to buy the kerosene. Now my child can read and study in the evening without cost or the smoke nuisance”.

BCT would like to thank its generous donors. Your £5.00 donation shines a light through the darkness for the poorest in Africa and is having a significant impact on peoples’ lives. With thanks to CHEPS for organising the distribution of these invaluable lamps.