9 homes completed

9 homes completed - Beta Charitable Trust

In December 2014 the construction of 9 new homes was completed for flood victims of 2010 in Pakistan in the villages of Ramzan Leghari & Chinni. For the past years BCT has been funding the construction of new homes in partnership with Zahra Academy, in phases to help those affected by the terrible floods of that year. 

Beneficiaries of this project had lost hope of rehabilitation of their homes after the floods but are now happy and thankful to everyone who worked to provide them with new homes. The societies in surrounding areas admire the fact that the people that were affected 4 years ago have not been forgotten. A total of 51 people have been given a new home, complete with separate, hygienic washroom. 

We thank all those that donated and those at Zahra Academy that organised such hard work to complete these homes.