500 Solar Lamps Distributed in Kenya

500 Solar Lamps Distributed in Kenya - Beta Charitable Trust

The BCT solar lamps initiative is committed to enable students, institutions and homes without electricity to get access to light for studying and income generation activities. This project enables them to replace the kerosene lantern with solar lighting devices thus providing better illumination and smoke/pollution free indoor environment as well as creating opportunities for better livelihoods both at the individual and communal level. 

In remote villages lacking electricity with an abundance of polluting and dangerous sources of lighting such as kerosene lamps/candles, BCT has resorted to light up homes of school going children by using solar lights. 

According to the teachers, the provision of solar lights has had definite positive effects on the pupil’s education. The solar lights have allowed the pupils study longer at night and complete their homework on time. There is reduced burden on parents to buy kerosene. Teachers have also expressed satisfaction that they are now able to prepare better for lessons the next day.

The beneficiaries are very grateful for this support which is having a significant effects on people’s lives. 496 were distributed in 2013 and 1508 in 2014 in various locations.  The distribution list of 500 solar lights donated by Beta Charitable Trust, in March 2015 follows:

Institution name


Wasini Island, Kwale County


Wajir School for Mentally Handicapped, Wajir County


Got Ade Primary School, Wajir County


Jogbaru Primary School, Wajir County