Where We Work

Projects are carried out on both a national and an international level with the majority of our work taking place in the UK, Africa. Asia and the Middle East.

United Kingdom

Even the Western world sometimes needs a helping hand and BCT firmly believes that charity begins at home. Cancer Support Groups and Palliative Care Centres, Homeless Shelters, Schools for those with mental health difficulties and, most recently, a Food Bank and Winter Warmth Packs for the elderly and vulnerable in the heart of 2 major English cities are just some of the projects BCT has supported at home.

Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda

We are deeply committed in supporting the East African countries of Tanzania, Uganda & Kenya. As third world countries, they are prone to perilous diseases, drought and lack of basic medical and educational needs. BCT supports the 3 countries by building water wells and irrigation supplies in rural communities, supporting orphanages, building schools, providing solar lamps to villages that have no electrical supply and facilitating cataract and goiter surgeries in permanent hospitals or temporary medical camps. BCT is also heavily involved in the Sponsorship of students, entrepreneurship loans and vocational training for women.


The Pakistani landscape is a testament to natures ravaging capabilities. Areas that are hard hit by extreme climate and natural disasters such as earthquakes and flooding need constant support. BCT projects include providing immediate emergency aid during natural disasters, building schools, student sponsorships, medical centres and new homes for destitute families.


Poverty in India is rife and BCT supports the most rural and destitute areas of India by contributing to the building of schools and orphanages, sponsoring students so they can attend schools, and providing food parcels for families living way below the bread line.


Mountainous terrains that are often impassable for months during the harsh Afghani winter are home to the poorest Afghanis’. BCT works with these poor communities by providing blankets, fuel and food packs during particularly harsh spells. Widows are aided in becoming economically self sufficient by the introduction of sheep rearing. Medical Clinics are set up to cater for the community’s health needs.


Iraq faces huge challenges and BCT has been working with Orphanages to provide comfortable surroundings, education and meals for these children and in schools by sponsoring students with education and free meals so they can stay in school rather than become breadwinners. We also donate towards medical camps which have included Diabetes Clinics, Medical Clinics and Dental Clinics.